From South Beach Fish Market
South Beach Fish Market 3640 S. Coast Highway
South Beach, Oregon 97366
Phone: 541-867-6800, 1-866-816-7716

We ship your perishable products via next day air or second day air door-to-door service.

If you are sport fishing locally, we vacuum pack and freeze and store your seafood items until you want them shipped.

If your package is going to Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Northern California, & Utah, the shipping charges are about $1.50 per pound for 2nd day door-to door-service. Estimated charges for Next Day air service door-to-door delivery is about $5.50/lb. West of the Mississippi River and $6.50 /lb. East of the Mississippi River. Shipping Second Day air service door-to-door delivery is about $3.00/lb. West of the Mississippi and about $4.50/lb.East of the O'l Miss. These are approximate shipping charges.

  • We can box or crate any of your larger shipments and ship them by motor freight.
  • We use FED-EX, UPS, DHL,USPS & Trucking services.
  • We have daily shipments.
  • Saturday delivery available to many zip codes.
  • Shipping charges vary and are charged by weight and zip code.
  • Insulated shipping boxes are $11.00 to $20.00 each depending on size.
  • Frozen Jel Packs (1.5 lbs.each) are $1.50 ea.
  • SHIPPING SUPPLIES AVAILABLE - Bubble wrap, Heavy Duty Shipping Tape, Many sizes of cardboard boxes, Wooden Crating Service.
  • $100.00 shipping insurance included,additional insurance available.


Call us at 541-867-6800, 1-866-816-7716 or email us at for a shipping quote.