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Merry Christmas

Christmas gift packages from the Fish Market
$99.95 each, Shipping Included!

1lb Salmon Candy, 4oz. Hickory Smoked Yaquina Bay Oysters & 4oz. Smoked New Zealand Mussels
Salmon Candy, loved by all, and our own Smoked Oysters, smoked to perfection in our own hickory fired smoker.

And paired with New Zealands finest Smoked Mussels, this is truly a smoked seafood delight.

Two Fresh Cooked Dungeness Crabs
Freshly cooked the day of shipping, your friends will enjoy the best crab to be found on the Oregon Coast!

60 Live Inshell Extra Small Yaquina Bay Oysters 36 Live Inshell Kumumoto Oysters
Extra Small Oysters, best for oysters on the half shell, or Oysters Rockefeller

Here in Newport, these are prefered for oyster shooters, in a shot glass with our extra hot cocktail sauce!

2 lbs. Wild Alaskan Halibut fillets 2lbs. Wild Chinook King Salmon
One of our best sellers, this is the yummiest of all the white fish.

What can one say? The king of all salmon, delicious at any meal!

1lb. Hickory Smoked wild Chinook Salmon & 1lb. Hickory Smoked Albacore Tuna
Our own Smoked Salmon and Smoked Tuna,
fresh from our own Hickory fired smoker.

1/2 gallon (4 lbs. - 48 to 60 oysters) fresh shucked Yaquina Bay Oysters
Freshly shucked the day of shipping, your friends will enjoy the best oysters to be found on the Pacific Coast!

3lbs. Wild USA Prawns 16 to 20 per pound 3lbs. Wild USA Jumbo Scallops (36 to 50 scallops)
Yummy extra large wild prawns, the best!

Large Scallops, these make a great meal!

1 1/2 lbs. Hickory Smoked wild Chinook King Salmon
Smoked in our own Hickory fired smoker, an all time favorite!

5 lbs. live Manila Steamer Clams
(approx. 100 to 125)
3lbs. Razor Clam Meat
These smaller sized Manila Clams make the best steamers.

Use this product to make great clam chowder or clam fritters!!

1lb. Oregon Dungeness Crab Meat & 2lbs. Oregon wild Salad Shrimp
Our perfectly cooked Oregon Dungeness Crab Meat, carefully picked from fresh cooked crab, and delicious Oregon Cocktail shrimp, both would make excellent seafood cocktails or seafood Louis Salads.

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